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Clarke Precision Machine has been leading the way in providing the finest onshore, engineered solutions since 1964. From their talented machinists to the latest in precision machining equipment, you can be sure you’re getting what you need—precisely. And that’s why, when it comes to engineering excellence, Clarke Precision Machine is your top choice.
CPM brings you 50 years of experience and custom machined products that help make sure that your end product is exactly what you need and want. Their high-performance and reliable precision parts provide you with the support to be successful in a wide range of industries.
Discover what Clarke Precision Machine can do for you and your project by calling or visiting today. Make sure you’re putting the best engineered solutions in your hands.

Our History

Clarke Precision Machine was established in 2015 after acquiring the previous Williams Manufacturing Corporation building in Wytheville, VA. Williams Manufacturing was founded in 1964 as a build to order shop for welding, machining and fabrication for the fastener industry. CPM was created to continue providing engineered solutions for consumers requiring custom machined products. In 2018, Clarke Precision Machine acquired the location of G&W Manufacturing in Wytheville. G&W celebrated success for many years due to its relationship of providing tooling to local, regional and national companies covering a variety of different industries. Clarke Precision Machine is blessed to employ individuals from both companies and many new talented team members. Today, with over 50 years of tradition in providing experience and expertise CPM is a preferred supplier of tooling for a variety of industries.


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